Flashlite #784

Johanna Platow Andersson

International hard rock selection today with Cardinals Folly from Finland, Blood Lightning from Boston, MA, Young James Long from Dallas, TX, Appalooza from Brittany, France, Myrkur from Denmark, Syteria from UK, Sister Midnight from LA, Blues Emergency from Toronto, Canada and Transit Method from Austin TX.


Sheer Mag – Steels Sharpens Steel
Cardinals Folly – Ride Or Die 666
Blood Lightning – Bananaconda
Sun Crow – Nothing Behind
Young James Long – Bornou Man
Appalooza – Framed
Shotgun Sawyer – Ain’t Trying to Go Down Slow
Myrkur – Like Humans
Syteria – Monsters
Sisteria – Hunger
Sister Midnight – Sold My Soul
Hermano – The Bottle
The Wytches – Something to Fall Back On
The Blues Emergency – Quicksand
Transit Method – Nightmare Machines
Graveyard – Rampant Fields