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Flashlite #743

The Oh Nos

International dark wave festival today. We start with a Turkish/Sardinian band Gentilesky. Then we move on to Berlin, Germany, where we check out Splizz. Jumping then over to London where we have The Tubs. Guardian Singles from New Zealand have a new album and so does the legendary Australian band Church. In Canada we have Home Front. Italian band A Culture of Killing is also a stop on our journey. The US is represented with Moonwalks and Public Interest. Spanish band with Polish lyrics and Yugoslav sound, Belgrado is back with their new album.


Civic – Taken By Force
Gentilesky – City of Boredom
Splizz – Bored
Meat Puppets – Quit It
Felt – Ivory Past
The Tubs – Two Person Love
Guardian Singles – Chad and Stacey
Husker Du – New Day Rising
Husker Du – I’m Not Interested
Crocodiles – Dead Beat
Home Front – Real Eyes
Belgrado – Boixar
Belgrado – Pk
Exit Group – Stuck Like A Brick
Public Interest – Undone
A Culture of Killing – Yamuna
Eamon McGrath – Hours
Moonwalks – UFO Factory
The Church – Antarctica
The Church – Two Places At Once