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Flashlite #10

Klaus DingerSad news comes to us from Germany. Klaus Dinger, one of the founders of what we know now as kraut rock died on March 21st. He was a founder of Kraftwerk and before they went fully synth, he got out and found another big kraut rock band Neu. As a tribute to Dinger, we play some Neu songs but also a small Neu spoof by Ciccone Youth. New stuff in today’s show is Viva Glorio, a new name for an old band from Zagreb, one of the most mysterious yugo-rock groups Trobecove krusne peci. Cleveland rockabilly band Lost State of Franklin shakes things up with their own song Clint Eastwood Never Dies. We also played a song from a new ep by Pete Molinari. We continue browsing the Love is the Song We Sing by checking out an unusual girl band called The Ace of Cups.

The Neptunas – Chicken of the Sea
Kathy McCarty – City Song
Viva Glorio – Lassie
Trobecove krusne peci – Skrivac u magli
Laura Nyro – Blackpatch
The Ace Of Cups – Looking For My Man
The Ace Of Cups – Glue
King Louie & the Loose Diamonds – Lookin’ For A Heart
The Exploding Hearts – Throwaway Style
Lost State Of Franklin – Clint Eastwood
Jason & The Scorchers – Jimmie Rodgers’ Last Blue Yodel
The Nits – Moon Dog
Ciccone Youth – Two cool rock chicks listening to neu
Neu! – Super
Neu! – After Eight
Pete Molinari – One Stolen Moment
James and Lucky Peterson – Singing The Blues