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Flashlite #426

Todd RundgrenToday we start of with some bands that used to be big in the 80s: Jesus and Mary Chain and Depeche Mode. Dave Gahan seems to be inspired a lot by the sounds he created with the Soulsavers a few years ago. Todd Rundgren is also back and his new single is a collaboration with Swedish dance artists Robyn. Automatic City from France sent us their new cover of Chuck Berry’s Havana Moon. We introduce two new bands from England, Mulholland from York and Mark and The Clouds from London. Zagreb’s Trobecove Krusne Peci are back with a live album recorded at the Club Kocka. Speaking of live albums and clubs, there’s a new various artists deal called Start Your Own Fucking Show Space, which pays a tribute to a club in Brooklyn called Death by Audio. Also, live in Cleveland, Kevin Gordon plays his new tune.

John Wesley Coleman III – We Care About Love;
Jesus And Mary Chain – Song For A Secret;
Depeche Mode – Poison Heart;
Dave Gahan & Soulsavers – You Owe Me;
Todd Rundgren – That Could Have Been Me (Featuriing Robyn);
Automatic City – Havana Moon;
Chuck Berry – Havana Moon;
Trobecove krusne peci – Djavo je bio vruc;
A Place To Bury Strangers – I Lived My Life to Stand in the Shadow of Your Heart;
Kevin Gordon – Saint on a Chain (Live in CLE);
Stone Cupid – Saint on a Chain;
Mulholland – Highway 101;
Mark and The Clouds – Hit By Lightning;
Midnight Snaxxx – Rule The World;
Afterhours – Fra i non viventi vivremo noi.

Flashlite #236

Ty SegallWe have some interesting reissues today. Tav Falco continues reissues of his opus with a second installment of Lore and Testament which compiles two EPs and one live concert in Vienna from 1986. Another reissue today is a 2cd set that compiles the music from the 80s rock band in Zagreb called Trobecove Krušne Peći. New stuff today is a new song from John Paul Keith, new debut album from The Connection, and the new record for Ty Segall. Tim Williams is back with his Summer Suns with a new record called Eulalie. The only truly new band today is The Torments from Cleveland, who we feature in our regular live in CLE segment.

Mission of Burma – All World Cowboy Romance;
The Connection – Wrong Side Of 25;
The Summer Suns – Cupid The Assasin;
Games – Why Can’t We Go Back;
Zoogz Rift – Beak Roy Orbit’s Sonmo’ Mo-Fo’smain Theme;
Tav Falco’s Panther Burns – Oh Pretty Woman;
John Paul Keith – Everything’s Different Now;
John Paul Keith – Afraid To Look;
The Torments – Bursting Love (Live in CLE);
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Lovin’ Cup;
Oblivians – Loving Cup;
Viva Glorio – Mama;
Trobecove krusne peci – Imam dovoljno te vlage;
Shoes – Educated;
Ty Segall – Sweet C.C;
Mikal Cronin – Better Man.

Flashlite #10

Klaus DingerSad news comes to us from Germany. Klaus Dinger, one of the founders of what we know now as kraut rock died on March 21st. He was a founder of Kraftwerk and before they went fully synth, he got out and found another big kraut rock band Neu. As a tribute to Dinger, we play some Neu songs but also a small Neu spoof by Ciccone Youth. New stuff in today’s show is Viva Glorio, a new name for an old band from Zagreb, one of the most mysterious yugo-rock groups Trobecove krusne peci. Cleveland rockabilly band Lost State of Franklin shakes things up with their own song Clint Eastwood Never Dies. We also played a song from a new ep by Pete Molinari. We continue browsing the Love is the Song We Sing by checking out an unusual girl band called The Ace of Cups.

The Neptunas – Chicken of the Sea
Kathy McCarty – City Song
Viva Glorio – Lassie
Trobecove krusne peci – Skrivac u magli
Laura Nyro – Blackpatch
The Ace Of Cups – Looking For My Man
The Ace Of Cups – Glue
King Louie & the Loose Diamonds – Lookin’ For A Heart
The Exploding Hearts – Throwaway Style
Lost State Of Franklin – Clint Eastwood
Jason & The Scorchers – Jimmie Rodgers’ Last Blue Yodel
The Nits – Moon Dog
Ciccone Youth – Two cool rock chicks listening to neu
Neu! – Super
Neu! – After Eight
Pete Molinari – One Stolen Moment
James and Lucky Peterson – Singing The Blues