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Flashlite #297

The Psycho SistersBack in the early nineties Vicki Peterson (from The Bangles) and Susan Cowsill (of the Cowsills), joined forces and started performing as a duet. Later in the decade, the collaboration blossomed into a new full band, Continental Drifters, which contained many of the eighties paisley pop musicians including Peterson and Cowsill. The band broke up, but Peterson and Cowsill reformed recently as The Psycho Sisters and made their first record as a duet. We feature them in today’s show, along with the new tunes for Cozy, Dead Milkmen and Allysen Callery. We also feature Birth of Joy from Netherlands, Deaf Wish from Australia and Banging Fragiles from Cleveland for the first time in our show.

Sybille Baier – The End;
OBN IIIs – Worries;
Cozy – Just a Touch;
King Tuff – Rainbow’s Run;
Dead Milkmen – All You Need Is Nothing;
Saucer – Jail Ain’t Stoppin’ Us;
POD – 123;
Bird of Joy – The Sound;
Deaf Wish – Cool Comment;
Banging Fragiles – Live in CLE;
The Budas Band – Tomahawk;
Rebirth Brass Band – HBNS;
Jack Owens – Jack Ain’t Had No Water;
Continental Drifters – Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway;
The Psycho Sisters – What Do You Want From Me;
Allysen Callery – The End.

Flashlite #171

King TuffOne two three four! Today we rock hard. There’s a new album featuring Joey Ramone’s vocals recorded over the years called “Ya Know”. King Tuff, after the new single presented a few weeks ago in this show, is back with the new self-titled album. Natual Child from Nashville TN, are also back with the new record called For The Love of The Game. Mission of Burma toil on with a new record as well called Unsound. New names in today’s show are fun time rockers Low Cut Connie, retro pop duet Quantic and Alice Russel and a mysterious retro glam band Cozy.

The New Lou Reeds – Stranded in Ashland (Live in CLE);
Dan Sartain – Indian Massacre;
Joey Ramone – I Couldn’t Sleep;
The Vibrators – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker;
Happy Birthday – Fun;
King Tuff – Bad Thing;
New Kind Of Mambo – Land of 1000 Dances;
Gentleman Jesse – You Give Me Shivers;
Quantic And Alice Russell – Boogaloo 33;
Low Cut Connie – The Cat And The Cream;
Johnny Throttle – Lost Sputnik;
Cozy – Cola Shock Kids;
Natural Child – 8 AM Blues;
Natural Child – Natural Blues;
Mikal Cronin – Am I Wrong;
Mission of Burma – Second Television;
Mission of Burma – All World Cowboy Romance;
The Long Ryders – Man of Misery;
The Tough Shits – Hombre de la Cocaina.