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Flashlite #139

Mikal CroninToday we have a large block dedicated to Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin. We know Ty from our earlier shows. Mikal is in his band, and also has a solo record which offers a new standard for the snot punk scene. It’s a wonderful result that showcases a new, yet fully mature songwriter. We also have a new album for The Bangles and their producer, Matthew Sweet. Glossary are back with the new record Long Live All of Us. John Doe tours USA with X, they were in Cleveland on Tuesday, but he also has a solo record out called Keeper. Tommy Keene is back with Behind The Parade. We dedicate today’s show to Jerry Leiber, one half of the songwriting tandem Leiber and Stoller, who passed away on August 22 this year.

Elkie Brooks – Love Potion nr. 9;
Nazz – Open My Eyes;
The Bangles – Open My Eyes;
Matthew Sweet – She Walks The Night;
Pink Floyd – Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk;
Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin – Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk;
Mikal Cronin – Situation;
Ty Segall – Goodbye Bread;
John Paul Keith – Anyone Can Do It;
Kelly Kneiser – Don’t Give Up On Me;
Glossary – A Shoulder To Cry On;
John Doe – Never Enough;
Roy A. Loney – Ruin Your Shoes;
Jumprope – Kites Are Fun;
Tommy Keene – Deep Six Saturday;
Tommy Keene – Places That Are Gone;
Richard Barrett – Some Other Guy;
Little Willie Littlefield – Kansas City aka KC Lovin’.

Flashlite #135

Dave SchrammGrunge is dead. We have Cute Lepers opening today’s show with the new album Adventure Time and if you just hear their sound you’d think they’re from Memphis or Atlanta, but actually they come from the grunge capital of the world, Seattle WA. 1991 was veeery long time ago! We also catch up with Dave Schramm, who played in many band throughout the years. One of them was The Okra All Stars who’s cover of Purple Rain was a popular song 10 years ago when we were on KLSU. Dave is now a part of a great podcast called Radio Free Song and we check that out in today’s show. A part of that club is also Peter Holsapple (ex The dB’s). Kelly Kneiser from the TN band Glossary has a solo album. You probably remember how much we liked Glossary last year. Out good friend Mike Watt has a three million different bands these days, and one of those is Floored By Four. We check it out today as well.

Jump Back Jake & The Echo-Friendly – Carpentry and Mystery Novels;
Cute Lepers – Damaging Acts;
Peter Holsapple – Wasn’t Born To Follow;
Carole King – Wasn’t Born to Follow;
The Byrds – Wasn’t Born To Follow;
The Okra All-Stars – Purple Rain;
The Radio Free All Stars – Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles;
Dave Schramm – Something Went Wrong;
Beth Orton – I Me Mine – Dig It;
Attention – Beat Machine;
Floored By Four – Watt;
Little Barrie – Precious Pressure;
The Witches – The Haunted Regulars;
Kelly Kneiser – Happiness Looks Good On You;
Hunx And His Punx – Lovers Lane;
The Arrows – Boogiest Band In Town;
Green On Red – Blue Parade;
Moving Targets – Almost Certain/Drone.

14. Glossary – Feral Fire

Glossary - Feral FireThis album for the Murfreesboro quintet is a record is a love at first sight. It works immediately. There are no complications there at all. Straight-forward rock record with perfect melodies and harmonies, catchy songs, strong riffs and clean production. Very conservative and sober rock’n’roll sound is nothing to be ashamed though! It seems that there is so many bands these days that seem to mask their lack of ideas and lack of talent with deliberately lousy droney sound and Glossary is a complete opposite to that. This is precisely why they sound apart from the rest and why they hit straight in the center with that approach. Exciting, brutally honest stuff and I’m eager to hear more.

Flashlite #73

Giant SandToday we have two new names at The Little Lighthouse. Pissed Jeans – a neo-grunge band from Pauline, SC. They’ve been a Sub Pop attraction for a few years now, but we have them here for the first time with their new album King of Jeans. We also have Glossary, a new band in and around the Memphis rock’n’roll scene. Beck and Wilco united last summer for a session where they re-recorded the entire Alexander Skip Spence album called Oar. This album is weekly uploaded track by track on Beck’s web site, and there’s one track left to go. Drive By Truckers recorded a new 45 and it is a tribute to Eddie Hinton. Besides Hinton’s great song Everybody Needs Love, the b-side of that 45 contains a wonderful cover of a lesser known Hinton’s song Where’s Eddie. The song and the new version are simply perfect. We also have in this show the new one-off record by Giant Sand called Off Ramp, which is a collection of out-takes and snippets from the recording session that gave birth to their 1991 masterpiece called Ramp.

Eric Burdon And The Animals – Good Times;
Giant Sand – Romance of Falling;
Giant Sand and Victoria Williams – Love;
Victoria Williams – Love;
Eddie Hinton – Everybody Needs Love;
Drive-By Truckers – Where’s Eddie;
Lulu – Where’s Eddie;
Patterson Hood – Pollyanna;
Glossary – No Guarantee;
Jon Dee Graham – Beautifully Broken;
John Wesley Coleman III – Where Did My Friends Go;
Pissed Jeans – False Jesii Part 2;
Bassholes – Don’t You Look Sideways At Me;
Kurt Vile – Hunchback;
Mama Rosin – Le Pistolet;
Beck and Wilco – Little Hands;
Skip Spence – Little Hands.