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Flashlite #434

Cyanide PillsWe start off today introducing Craig Brown, Jack White’s buddy from Detroit and Cyanide Pills from Leeds, UK. The we introduce the guitar player from Minneapolis Ben Glaros who landed his skills to the Pirner brothers Dave and Paul on a Slim Dunlap tribute band The Happy Roosters and Fathom Lane with Michael Ferrier. My friend Stanjin Strbac has a new column and he writes about Rhiannon Giddens and Son Volt. Inspired by his writings, we check out these two in today’s show. Emma Ruth Rundle and Amber Arcades close the show today. Amber Arcades is actually Annelotte de Graaf, a Dutch singer-songwriter from Utrecht.

Knowbody Else – Until I’m Like Uncle Hugh;
Craig Brown – Overthinking;
Cyanide Pills – Say You Will;
John Wesley Coleman – Jesus Never Went To Jr High;
Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs – Movie Queen;
The Happy Roosters – Cooler Then;
Fathom Lane – Sugardown;
Mark And The Clouds – Don’t Block The Sun;
Rhiannon Giddens – Hey Bebe;
Son Volt – Back Against The Wall;
Bash And Pop – Breathing Room;
Mike Watt with Jom And Terry Show Live in CLE;
Status Quo – Over And Done;
Amber Arcades – It Changes;
Emma Ruth Rundle – The Distance.

Flashlite #167

TEamon McGrathSome really exceptional new records today. First, we have Tommy Womack, a new singer songwriter from Nashville. Then Kevin Gordon. This native of Monroe LA, now living also in Nashville, made a new record Gloryland which is a true masterpiece and it got a lot of very nice attention in the music press these days. Canadian rocker Eamon McGrath also has a new record out Young Canadians. The concept is loosely all things Canadian, but it also mentions a ghost of Bob Stinson. I will go out on the limb and say that with this record McGrath establishes himself as the greatest young songwriter of today and finishes the race for the best record in 2012 already. It’s hard for me to imagine that it’s even possible to make a record as good as this one by the end of the calendar year. And then there’s also Jack White with his new album Blunderbuss. Swedish paisley poppers Plastic Pals are also represented today with their new single.

Fresh – Revolution;
Eamon McGrath – Rabid Dog;
Eamon McGrath – No One’s Gonna Love You When You’re Gone;
Warren Zevon – Play It All Night Long;
Tommy Womack – It Doesn’t Have To Be That Good;
David Bromberg – Sharon;
Ray Wylie Hubbard – Mother Blues;
James Luther Dickinson – O How She Dances;
Kevin Gordon – Black Dog;
The Kill Devil Hills – Gunslinger;
The Blasters – I’m Shakin’;
Little Willie John – I’m Shakin’;
Jack White – I’m Shakin’;
The Plastic Pals – Leave It Til Tomorrow.

Flashlite #111

Stacie Collins Exactly ten years ago in this show we introduced a little known Italian Americana band Cheap Wine. Since then, they became a constant in our show. Recently, they put out a 2CD live album called Stay Alive, worth of two full hours of dusty rock’n’roll. I’m glad to have them still next to us. Besides this, in our show today we have the brand new collaboration between Wanda Jackson and Jack White. We also introduce the amazing harpist and singer Stacie Collins. She is lucky enough to be backed by the legendary Jason and The Scorchers. Wanda with Jack and Stacie with Warren are lethal rock’n’roll amalgams! We also introduce The Jaybirds from Salzburg in Austria – a band that belongs to a 60s retro movement that’s always fun to listen to.

The Rolling Stones – Yesterday’s Papers;
The Flamin’ Groovies – Slow Death;
Ducks Deluxe – Nervous Breakdown;
Eddie Cochran – Nervous Breakdown;
Wanda Jackson – Nervous Breakdown;
Stacie Collins – Lend The Devil A Hand;
Jason And The Scorchers – I Can’t Help Myself;
Kamo Sutra – Zamisli da kao jucer je;
Cheap Wine – Pictures;
Cheap Wine – Among The Stones;
The Jaybirds – Over Your Shoulder;
The Windbreakers – You Never Give Up;
Beat Temptation – Better Than You;
Buzz of Delight – Miracle;
Start – An Evening Such As This;
The Blazers – I Can Love You;
Tom Getter Slack – Finally Home.