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Flashlite #717

Florence Shaw

Today we check out some of the darker and colder rock novelties around the planet, beginning with Glass from Berlin in Germany. Also from Germany, but in Leipzig we check out Doc Flippers. Then we check out new music from Tess Parks over in Toronto. Dry Cleaning from UK have a new record and we introduce Stroppies and Eggy, both bands from Melbourne AU. We check in with Cleveland’s Frayle, their mew single and from Little Barrie who digs into the back catalogue together with Malcom Catto. The last block closes with two new American acts: New Brutarians from Florida and Mick Trouble from Brooklyn.

Shilpa Ray – Lawsuits and Suicide;
GLAAS – Easy Living;
Tess Parks – Do You Pray;
Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe – Bindle;
Alicja-Pop – Incandescent Time Continuum;
Dry Cleaning – Don’t Press Me;
The Stroppies – Up to My Elbows;
Bronze – Crack in the Surface;
Doc Flippers – Steel Splinters;
Eggy – A Toast to Good Health;
Little Barrie – I Cant Wait;
Little Barrie & Malcolm Catto – Rest In Blue (Early Version);
Frayle – Skin & Sorrow;
Vukovar – Place To Rest;
Psychedelic Furs – Love My Way;
New Brutarians – (Rock Me) I´m A Dadaist;
New Brutarians – 16 Savior;
Mick Trouble – Wasted Light;
The Trend – She’s Hi-Fi;
Bill Nelson’s Red Noise – Revolt Into Style.

Flashlite #283 – Summertime

BettysooSummer’s here. The sun is shining, even here in Cleveland. I also noticed that there’s quite a few new tunes with summer vibes. So, today’s show is filled with (mostly) new, summer tunes. New records for this week include Little Barrie, a hipster trio from London with the new album Shadow. Not too far from there, in Glasgow, there’s a cool new power pop band called Dr. Cosmo’ Tape Lab. The Murlocks hail from Melbourne Australia. But the greatest new album featured today is Bettysoo’s When We’re Gone. Enjoy Summer, folks!

Big Brother And The Holding Company – Summertime;
Reigning Sound – My My;
Los Puchos – Catherine;
Velvet Underground – Who Loves The Sun;
Hollis Brown – Who Loves The Sun;
The Singles – Our Last Goodbye;
Little Barrie – Shadow;
Doug Gillard – I Shalt Not Want;
Dinosaur Jr. – Take A Run At The Sun;
Dr Cosmo’s Tape Lab – (Return To) Nineteen Canteen;
Bettysoo – Summertime;
The Beach Boys – Your Summer Dream;
The Krayolas – Lazy Afternoon;
The See See – Fix Me Up;
The Murlocs – Save Me Now;
Bart Davenport – Wearing the Changes ;
Beachwood Sparks – Midsummer Daydream;
Games – Take A Dare.

Flashlite #118

Hayvanlar AlemiWe have an exciting line up of novelties today. Black Joe Lewis is a new attraction from Austin TX, combining soul and garage rock influences. They have an excellent fun new album Scandalous. Another garage rock hopeful comes from London England: Little Barrie. One more band from London ends todays playlist – their name is Wolf People. But my favorite new band on todays playlist is the Turkish psychedelic combo Hayvanlar Alemi, which relies heavily on an excellent Turkish rock tradition of the late sixties, early seventies. Also, towards the end of the show, we have a small block devoted to springtime and gardening. We check all of that out on the playlist below…

Pere Ubu – Chinese Radiation;
The Blasters – So Long Baby Goodbye;
The Bellyachers – Big Talking Man;
Texas Border Radio – Thinking of Rain;
Redondo Beat – The Sweetest Sound;
Little Barrie – Surf Bell;
Richard Kent Style – Just a Little Misunderstanding;
Lucinda Williams – Buttercup;
J Mascis – Make it Right;
Cahit Oben – Makaram Sari Baglar;
Hayvanlar Alemi – Karpuzkafa 777;
Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears – You Been Lyin’ (featuring The Relatives);
July – Dandelion Seeds;
The Nerves – Seeds from the Electric Garden;
Brimstone Howl – Bad Seed;
Wolf People – Silbury Sands.