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Flashlite #326

Useless EatersWe start off today with a tribute to Husker Du. Two Canadian bands, Red Arms and Wasted Potential put their resources together and made a coll tribute to Husker Du. The whole thing is on their bandcamp account, available for a free download. Another free download that you might want to consider is by The Babies – a really cool band from Zagreb who had a wonderful vinyl LP 10 years ago and now, the band offers it officially in a digital format. The Babies are long time defunct, but some of their members how play as Thee Melomen. They also have a cool cover of Husker Du! We also have new tunes by Built Do Spill from Boise ID and Warm Soda from Austin TX. We also have a nice block from Danny Kroha (ex Gories), with music from his new album and recent performances live in Cleveland. We also check out Mink Deville live CD and the new album from Becca Stevens Band. At the end of the show, we pay tribute to Ben E King (ex Drifters) and Jack Ely (ex Kingsmen).

Irma Thomas – I Count The Tears;
The Babies – Watching You;
Thee Melomen – Do you remember;
Red Arms And Wasted Potential – Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely;
Wasted Potential – How Young Is Too Young;
Red Arms – Quiet Resolution;
Built To Spill – Living Zoo;
Warm Soda – Just Like Me Before;
Danny And The Darleans – Boo-da-lye (Live in CLE);
Danny Kroha – KC Blues (Live in CLE);
Danny Kroha – Holy Ghost Don’t Laeve Me;
Brother Will Hairson and Washboard Willie – Alabama Bus (Blues Alphabet);
Mink Deville – Love Me Like You Did Before;
Boz Scaggs – Cadillac Walk;
Boz Scaggs – I’m So Proud;
Becca Stevens Band – Be Still;
Ben K King – Don’t Play That Song (You Lied);
Kingsmen – Louie Louie.

Flashlite #238 – Vinyl Junkyard 7

CBGBIt’s time for another installment of our Vinyl Junkyard serial, where I pick some cheap vinyl record that I found lying somewhere in a bargain bin, which also sounds awesome at the same time. In this show, I picked a compilation record Live at CBGB’s – The Home Of Underground Rock, published in 1976 on the CBGB label and distributed by Atlantic. It contains somewhat of the second tier of the CBGB associated bands, Mink DeVille being the best known in the bunch. And even their songs are three tracks which never made it to their own records. There’s a large variety of musical styles covered, which proves that CBGB was not just a punk club, it was just pure unadulterated rock’n’roll. I like listening to this record and I hope you will too.

Tuff Darts – All For The Love Of Rock ‘N’ Roll;
The Shirts – Operetico;
Mink DeVille – Cadillac Moon;
The Laughing Dogs – I Need A Million;
The Shirts – Poe;
Mink DeVille – Let Me Dream If I Want To;
Tuff Darts – Head Over Heels;
Manster – Over, Under, Sideways, Down;
Manster – I’m Really Not This Way;
Sun – Romance;
Stuart’s Hammer – Everybody’s Depraved;
The Miamis – We Deliver;
Mink DeVille – Change It Comes;
The Laughing Dogs – It Feels Alright Tonight;
Tuff Darts – Slash.

Flashlite #229

The Del-LordsToday we have new bands from all over the world. Blues band The Wanton Bishops hail from Beirut, Lebanon. Midnight Woolf come to us from always exciting Melbourne rock’n’roll scene. Tijuana Panthers from California have a new album called Semi-Sweet and Scott Kempner and his Del-Lords are back with a cool new record called Elvis Club. Boz Scaggs found the new inspiration in Memphis, but also covered a Mink DeVille’s Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl on his new record.

The Bevis Frond – Tree Line;
Oblivians – Little War Child;
Tijuana Pathers – Forbidden Fruit;
Scott Reynolds – Peanut;
Scott Reynolds – Dot (Live in CLE);
Mink DeVille – Mixed Up Shook Up Girl;
Boz Scaggs – Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl;
The Wanton Bishops – Whoopy;
Midnight Woolf – Fuss & Tight;
The Del-Lords – Mercenary;
The Del-Lords – Southern Pacific;
Rainer And Das Combo – Drop Down Mama/Mellow Down Easy.