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Flashlite #615

Dumb Punts

Coming back to us, today we bring you Zvonka Obajdin and Svemir with a live in the studio cover of Neil Young, along with Plastic Pals from Sweden with a truly catchy new single. We introduce more catchiness from Dumb Punts over in Australia and Spyrals from California. Over from the Iberian peninsula we check out Ded Routines from Spain and D3O from Portugal with a killer cover from Dead Moon. This episode goes form Spencer Davis and Ken Hensley who left this godforsaken world recently.

Kinks – This Is Where I Belong;
Dumb Punts – Up All Night;
The Spyrals – Goodbye;
Motorpsycho – The All Is One;
The Plastic Pals – More than an icon;
Svemir – Motion Pictures;
Neil Young – Motion Pictures;
The Spencer Davis Group – Morning Sun;
The Spencer Davis Group – Time Seller;
The Gods – Long Time, Sad Time, Bad Time;
The Gods – Maria;
Percewood’s Onagram – Braindrops Won’t Kill The Fire;
Ded Routines – Not available blues;
D3O – Unknown Passage;
Dead Moon – Unknown Passage.

Flashlite #342

Barrence WhitfieldThe first part of today’s show is mostly filled with the new tunes. We start off with the new music from Barrence Whitfield, who continues his furious comeback with a new record called Under a Savage Sky. Then we introduce a new duet from Cleveland Wesley Who, with a live recording of a Prince song. We also introduce Slates from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada – compatriots of Eamon McGrath. Plastic Pals from Sweden are back with the new single. The second part of the show dominates with music of several folks that we lost in the recent days: country music singer Lynn Anderson, record producer Bob Johnston, Flesh Eaters guitarist Stuart Lederer and Eddie Hardin who had a tough job filling Steve Winwood’s shoes in Spencer Davis Group, but also wrote one of my favorite tunes ever Time Seller.

Rickie Lee Jones – Infinity;
Faux Killas – When You Get Wild;
Barrence Whitfield – I’m a Full Grown Man;
Barrence Whitfield – The Corner Man;
Wesley Who – The Beautiful Ones (Live in CLE);
Slates – Auditorium;
Eamon McGrath – Auditorium;
The Last – Century City Rag;
Sherwin – Qualm;
The Plastic Pals – Timing Is Everything;
Johnny Young – Slam Hammer (Blues Alphabet);
Joe South – Rose garden;
Lynn Anderson – Rose Garden;
Bob Dylan – Desolation Row;
Flesh Eaters – Death Installment Plan;
Spencer Davis Group – Time Seller.

Flashlite #177 – Vinyl Junkyard 3

Top 15 Flower PowerToday’s show is part of our Vinyl Junkyard series. We take one lp and we play it almost in its entirety with some associations that I get when I think about this record. Today’s record is a very special one in my little world. It’s a 1967 compilation record by Fontana records and it came out from what I know only in Netherlands, Israel and Yugoslavia. The lp contains 13 covers of the psych pop hits of the day, twelve of them by the uncredited studio musicians and two originals by Spencer Davis Group and Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich who were a part of Fontana records roster in Europe. The LP is interesting because even though it’s a clearly psych exploitation record, and even though the musicians are anonymous, all the songs are actually very well played, most of them quite faithful to the originals and in some cases maybe even better. You judge yourself. In any case, the record was very important for me, I grew up with it and whenever I hear songs from this record, actually these covers seem more familiar to me than the originals. They are so deeply carved in my memory.


Stevie Wonder – I Was Made To Love Her;
Fontana Studio Musicians – Let’s Go To San Francisco;
The Flowerpot Men – Let’s Go To San Francisco;
Fontana Studio Musicians – Creeque Alley;
The Mamas And The Papas – Creeque Alley;
Fontana Studio Musicians – Flowers In The Rain;
The Move – Flowers in the Rain;
Spencer Davis Group – Time Seller;
Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick And Tich – Zabadak;
Fontana Studio Musicians – Death Of A Clown;
The Kinks – Death of a Clown;
Fontana Studio Musicians – Pleasant Valley Sunday;
The Monkees – Pleasant Valley Sunday;
The Mindbenders – The Letter;
The Box Tops – The Letter (Single Version);
Fontana Studio Musicians – Jackson;
Johnny Cash – Jackson;
Fontana Studio Musicians – Good Times;
Eric Burdon – Good Times.