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Flashlite #386

SavagesJust a few new things today, but definitely goodies! Archie and The Bunkers of Cleveland have a new single. We introduce garage rocking from Madcaps in France and sweet power pop of Junipers from UK and David Brookings and The Average Lookings from San Jose, CA. Moreover, a couple of months earlier everybody raved about the ladies of Savage from UK. We finally check out what’s it all about.

Figures – In Five Days;
Archie And The Bunkers – The Roaring 20’s;
The Madcaps – Tell Me You Want It;
Blaak Heat – The Peace Within;
Harlan T Bobo – Zippers And Jeans;
Death of Samantha – Simple as That;
Savages – Adore;
The Junipers – Like a Merry Go Round;
Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane – Street In The City;
David Brookings aND The Average Lookings – The Basement Room;
Honey – White Noise;
Volcano Suns – Noodle Of The Couch;
Kim Fowley – Negative;
Rainer And Das Combo – Around And Around;
Bob Dylan – Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here with You.