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Flashlite #252 – Vinyl Junkyard 8

Claws!Here we are again, another “vinyl junkyard” edition in which I play some cheap but great vinyl I found somewhere in some bargain bin. Today’s record is Claws! Phase Three of The Throbbing Lobster Infestation… 15 mostly Boston bands. It’s a compilation put together in 1985 by the Boston label Throbbing Lobster and features some mostly unknown bands from the era. Yet, songs sound really great original and it’s really hard to believe these bands didn’t really do much. The best known band on the lot is Volcano Suns, Peter Prescott’s band after he left Mission of Burma. Another interesting name on the compilation is The Primevals, who rose from the ashes of a better known band The Real Kids. Also, some may know Willie Alexander who had an experimental record on the legendary French label New Rose. But the rest of the lot are unknown, at least to me. Throbbing Lobster was the most interesting label in the ’80s from Boston and their boss Chuck Warner later on formed the legendary Hyped 2 Death website and record label. In fact, you can still buy pretty much everything from that label over there from Chuck.

The Real Kids – All Kindsa Girls;
The Primevals – Lose That Girl;
Buzz And The Gang – Hearts Waiting;
Volcano Suns – Tree Stompte;
Mission of Burma – Red;
Classic Ruins – Geraldine, I Need Money;
Unattached – It’s Only Love;
Willie Alexander And The Jackals – Love-Sick Dog (Shoot That Dog);
Willie Alexander – Are You Leaving;
Underachievers – Friend O’ Mine;
Vandykes – Spring;
Last Stand – Let’s Go;
New Parts From Old – Yellow Brick Road;
Actual Size – Doctor Clown;
Capture The Flag – Looking Through At You;
Turbines – Rockpile;
The Prime Movers – True To Me;
The Real Kids – Now You Know.

Flashlite #42

Neko CaseToday we examine what’s rock’n’roll and what’s not and what we like about it and what not… at least in first two songs, as Outrageous Cherry paraphrase Stones in one of the standout tracks on the new album Universal Malcontents. We also check out the new album for The Obits called I Blame You. We know the Obits from the 45 that they had earlier this year. We also have new album for Neko Case called Middle Cyclone. Neko’s songwriting is really in shape on this one, it’s a truly exciting new record. Dan Auerbach, the most famous rock’n’roll Ohioan today also has a new record entitled Keep It Hid. Another, less famous Ohioan, but well known to the regular listeners of this show, Derek Deprator has a new band called Ravenscroft and we check them out as the new demos are crawling out of the studio. And at last, we finish out with two new Homestead reissues – Big Dipper and Volcano Suns.

The Rolling Stones – It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It);
Outrageous Cherry – It’s Not Rock N’ Roll (And I Don’t Like It);
Obits – Fake Kinkade;
Green On Red – New World;
John Mayall – I Started Walking / Open Up A New Door;
Spencer Davis Group – Feel Your Way;
Ravenscroft – In The Pines;
Mark Lanegan – Where Did You Sleep Last Night;
Leadbelly – Where Did You Sleep Last Night?;
Dan Auerbach – I Want Some More;
Golden Palominos And Jack Bruce – Something Else Is Working Harder;
Lou Ann Barton – the doodle song;
Lucinda Williams – Heaven Blues;
Neko Case – People Got A Lotta Nerve;
Neko Case – People Gotta Lotta Nerve;
Big Dipper – Wrong in the Charts;
Volcano Suns – Descent into Hell.