Mona Lisa Overdrive – The Up-Tight Sessions

As the google search indicates, Australian four Luke, David, Jess and Alex are among several bands that named their band Mona Lisa Overdrive after William Gibson’s novel. In todays alienating world, many readers seem to find a shelter in cyber-reality and super-powers of Matrix that in Gibson’s novels has god-like powers. So you’d expect some futuro-escapist crap from these guys… Contrary, Mona Lisa Overdrive echoes White Light White Heat era Velvet Underground and lists pretty much an alphabet of rock’n’roll on their myspace page.
The Up-tight Sessions, their impromptu EP is available over there for a free download and it contains five intense tunes to rattle your cold rock’n’roll bones. Finding a truly good band on myspace is like looking for a needle in a haystack so stumbling upon the Mona Lisa Overdrive is a real fortune.

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