Flashlite #51

Jack OTwo of the greatest 80s college rock bands are back with new albums and we check those out in this show. Sonic Youth with The Eternal and Lemonheads with Varshons. Varshons is completely consisted of covers and one leaked out before the album is actually out; Leonard Cohen’s That’s No Way to Say Goodbye. It’s a duet between Evan Dando and Liv Tyler. This is also a good chance to remind ourselves on how great Cohen is, so we check out two more songs that he wrote: So Long Marianne and First We Take Manhattan. Jack Oblivian has a new album too with his latest band The Tennessee Tearjerkers and it’s called The Disco Outlaw.

Sonic Youth – Teen Age Riot;
Sonic Youth – Antenna;
Demon’s Claws – Mental Revenge;
The Rolling Stones – Poison Ivy;
Oblivians – Happy Blues;
Jack-O & The Tennessee Tearjerkers – Honey I’m Too Old For You;
Jack-O & The Tennessee Tearjerkers – Make Your Mind Up;
Sarah Borges And The Broken Singles – Stop And Think It Over;
The Krayolas – Matter of Time;
Dancing Hoods – Reputation;
Cobra Verde – So Long Marianne;
Lemonheads and Liv Tyler – Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye;
Leonard Cohen – Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye;
Warren Zevon – First We Take Manhattan;
Runaways – Secrets.

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