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Mudboy was Jim Dickinson. His band was The Neutrons and his idea was la musique vérité – capture the music the way it happens in the studio. Jim died last year and his sons and friends gathered to celebrate his life with a stunning set of blues tunes and a simple two track recorder. They […]

Just a few short months ago we lost Jim Dickinson. And now another Memphis rock’n’roll legend left the planet. Dickinson and Chilton are actually much more than Memphis rock’n’rollers. They are an epitome of a true rock’n’roll star anywhere in the world. Beautiful, uncompromising, larger than life but at the same time. Alex Chilton also […]

Flashlite #71

February 4th, 2010

Today’s highlight is definitely the new very special tribute to Jim Dickinson, created by his sons, friends and sons of his friends entitled Luther Dickinson & The Sons of Mudboy. Listeners of The Little Lighthouse are very well familiar with Jim Dickinson’s ad-hoc supergroup called Mudboy and the Neutrons – one of the best bands […]

Memphis musician John Paul Keith puts together the best sounding live show you’ll ever hear. Moreover, his album Spills and Thrills is also the best sounding vinyl record in years. While most Memphis bands like their sound dirty and wonderfully screwed up, John Paul Keith’s sound is crisp and clean. Still, it belongs to the […]

Flashlite #65

December 17th, 2009

Today we showcase several new names at The Little Lighthouse: John Paul Keith, Eichmann Family, Sweet Apple,  The Hex Dispensers, Smith Westerns and D. Charles Speer. John Paul Keith comes from Memphis and has a band called The One Four Fives. About a year ago he put out the record called Spills And Thrills and […]

Flashlite #56

October 15th, 2009

In the new episode, we continue our last week’s tribute to Jim Dickinson, Ellie Greenwich and Willy Deville. Mud Boy And The Neutrons – Bo Diddley; Willy DeVille – Right There, Right Then; Ellie Greenwich – Goodnight Goodnight; Ellie Greenwich – The Sunshine After The Rain; Elkie Brooks – Sunshine After The Rain; Jim Dickinson […]

Flashlite #55

October 8th, 2009

Everybody, welcome to the third season of The Little Lighthouse at Zagreb’s Radio SC! We begin this season with bad news unfortunately. The Summer of 2009 was one of the most devastating Summers for rock’n’roll history. Some really important rock musicians died recently: Jim Dickinson, Ellie Greenwich, Willy DeVille and Jim Carroll. Jim Dickinson was […]

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