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Flashlite #56

Willy DeVille In the new episode, we continue our last week’s tribute to Jim Dickinson, Ellie Greenwich and Willy Deville.

Mud Boy And The Neutrons – Bo Diddley;
Willy DeVille – Right There, Right Then;
Ellie Greenwich – Goodnight Goodnight;
Ellie Greenwich – The Sunshine After The Rain;
Elkie Brooks – Sunshine After The Rain;
Jim Dickinson – Asshole;
Jimmy Dickinson & the Cramps – Red Headed Woman;
Willy DeVille – Slave To Love;
Karen Verros – Little Boy;
Shangri-Las – The Train From Kansas City;
Mink DeVille – Mixed Up Shook Up Girl;
Mink DeVille – Just To Walk That Little Girl Home;
Willy DeVille – Storybook Love;
Willy Deville – Every Dog Has Its Day;
James Luther Dickinson – Ballad Of Billy And Oscar;
James Luther Dickinson – When You Wish Upon A Star.

Flashlite #55

Ellie Greenwich Everybody, welcome to the third season of The Little Lighthouse at Zagreb’s Radio SC! We begin this season with bad news unfortunately. The Summer of 2009 was one of the most devastating Summers for rock’n’roll history. Some really important rock musicians died recently: Jim Dickinson, Ellie Greenwich, Willy DeVille and Jim Carroll. Jim Dickinson was a legendary father-figure of the Memphis rock scene and beyond. He started in the 60s as a musician and eventually learned how to run them knobs and became one of the worlds most appreciated record producers and engineers. But, more importantly, he instinctively understood rock’n’roll better than most other people, channeling that spirit with each and every project he worked on. Allow me to be personal and say that he is one of the very few people which I count as personal heroes. Ellie Greenwich was one of the most significant singer songwriters, writing (or co-writing) many timeless rock anthems (Be My Baby, The Train To Kansas City, River Deep Mountain High)for countless 60s vocal groups. Her dream to have records where she sings, produces and writes also came true a few times, but not as much as it should have. Willy DeVille was a musician from New York City who also died this summer. It is interesting that he has ties to both Dickinson and Greenwich. Dickinson produced one of DeVille’s strongest albums The Horse of A Different Color and DeVille performed some of Ellie Greenwich songs – Little Girl. But DeVille is also a unique character in rock’n’roll, always faithful to rock’n’roll roots but at the same time original, adventurous and different from album to album. Jim Carroll started as a punk/new wave musician in New York and San Francisco, but is probably better known as the author of the The Basketball Diaries, for which he won a Pulitzer prize. His best known song is called People Who Died. Well ladies and gentlemen – these are indeed, the people who died this summer.

1. Jim Carroll – People Who Died;
2. James Luther Dickinson – O How She Danced;
3. Mink DeVille – Let Me Dream If I Want To;
4. Ike and Tina Turner – River Deep Mountain High;
5. Jesters – Cadillac Man;
6. Willy DeVille – Across the Borderline;
7. Jim Dickinson – Across The Borderline;
8. Willy Deville – Little Girl;
9. Ellie Greenwich – You Don’t Know;
10. The Ronettes – Be My Baby;
11. Neko Case – Train From Kansas City;
12. Reigning Sound – Uptight Tonight;
13. Drive By Truckers – People Who Died;
14. Willy Deville – One Way Street;
15. James Luther Dickinson – John Brown;
16. Jim Carroll – City Drops Into The Night.