Flashlite #56

Willy DeVille In the new episode, we continue our last week’s tribute to Jim Dickinson, Ellie Greenwich and Willy Deville.

Mud Boy And The Neutrons – Bo Diddley;
Willy DeVille – Right There, Right Then;
Ellie Greenwich – Goodnight Goodnight;
Ellie Greenwich – The Sunshine After The Rain;
Elkie Brooks – Sunshine After The Rain;
Jim Dickinson – Asshole;
Jimmy Dickinson & the Cramps – Red Headed Woman;
Willy DeVille – Slave To Love;
Karen Verros – Little Boy;
Shangri-Las – The Train From Kansas City;
Mink DeVille – Mixed Up Shook Up Girl;
Mink DeVille – Just To Walk That Little Girl Home;
Willy DeVille – Storybook Love;
Willy Deville – Every Dog Has Its Day;
James Luther Dickinson – Ballad Of Billy And Oscar;
James Luther Dickinson – When You Wish Upon A Star.

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