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Flashlite #239

Motel MirrorsA ton of new things today. A lot of it comes from advanced downloads that artists made to promote their upcoming records, so search, stream and download. Amy LaVere and John Paul Keith have a new duet together called Motel Mirrors. Howe Gelb has a new tune that he recorded together with Will Oldham. City of Cool from Australia also have a new tune and so does Eamon McGrath. His new song Exile is meant to announce a three part series of eps that will eventually comprise his future LP. R. Stevie Moore has a new hilarious song as a support for Pussy Riot and he has a reissue of his 1978 record called Delicate Tensions. Alejandro and Javier Escovedo together with Jon Dee Graham reunited into True Believers and prepared a newly recorded song as an advance for their future new record. Talking about reissues, The Replacements are back together and I saw that over in Toronto. They sounded great and we have three songs bootlegged at the reunion show today. Two new exciting records are also out Bras by Bad Sports and Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere by Terry Malts. And Dirtbombs! Two new records, one with brand new records done in bubblegum rock style and the other – a compilation of B sides and singles.

The Replacemetns – Achin’ To Be;
The Replacements – Takin’ A Ride;
Modernettes – Rebel Kind;
True Believers – Rebel Kind;
True Believers – Gipsy Son;
Bad Sports – Would You Wait For Me Too;
Bad Sports – Nothing In This World;
Terry Matls – I Was Not There;
Terry Malts – No Good for You;
Amy LaVere – Killing Him;
Motel Mirrors – Meet Me On The Corner;
Howe Gelb – Vortexas;
R. Stevie Moore – Schoolgirl;
R. Stevie Moore – Free Pussy Riot;
The Dirtbombs – Hot Sour Salty Sweet;
The Dirtbombs – Candyass;
City of Cool – Controlled;
Eamon McGrath – Exile;
The Replacements – IOU.

Flashlite #191

Hal DavidThe Dirtbombs from Detroit joined forces with Dan Sartain and Terrible Twos for a new ep release and they cover another act from Detroit on that single – a cult band called Death. Quartet from Pittsburgh, PA Satin Gum are back with their second album, which they call LP2. Mark Eitzel and Rickie Lee Jones have new solo records out. And Crusaders of Love is a new name today, from Lille in France.

In the end, we’re paying respect to Hal David, a lyricists that used to work with Burt Bacharach. Our tribute is not obvious, as we play some versions of his songs that are not notorious, so that should be interesting.

Todd Rundgren – Love Of The Common Man;
Love – My Little Red Book;
The Dirtbombs – Politicians In My Eyes;
Death – Politicians In My Eyes;
Satin Gum – How Do I;
Crusaders of Love – never grow up;
Pylon – Crazy (Live in CLE);
American Music Club – Somewhere;
Mark Eitzel – Why Are You with Me;
Dan Stuart – Gonna Change;
Jackie DeShannon – The Weight;
Rickie Lee Jones – The Weight;
The Royal Guardsmen – Liberty Vallance;
The Cyrkle – It Doesn’t Matter Anymore;
The Last – Baby It’s You.

March 13, 2008

Mark LaneganThis time we bring you Dirtbombs with the new album We Have You Surrounded. Mark Lanegan takes the front page. We feature him in two fresh incarnations, as a member of band/project entitled Soulsavers and in duet with Isobel Campbell.

Steaming Beast – Jesus, Satan, Gene Beeman, His Car and Pizza Hut;
Compulsive Gamblers – Bad Taste;
Reigning Sound – Drowning;
Dirtbombs – I Hear The Sirens;
The Sirens – High School;
MC5 – High School;
Jackie DeShannon – Too Far Out;
Soulsavers – Kingdom of Rain;
Mark Lanegan – Back Burner;
DR John – Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya;
Evangelista – Lucky Lucky Luck;
Waylon Jennings – She’s Looking Good;
Chuck Prophet – She’s Looking Good;
True West – Throw Away The Key;
Pylon – Feast On My Heart;
Death of Samantha – Roses Rejoice;
Hosnfefer – K.M. (Give Me Some Air).

The Dirtbombs: Dangerous Magical Noise

(Written in February 2004) There’s nothing dangerous about this album, perhaps the title it’s just a way of making it sound cool. But what’s really cool about this album is not its cover, it’s not the title, it’s not the fact that the dude behind the sound is legendary garage face of the Detroit rock scene, Mick Collins. What’s cool about it is the music. In modern rock scene, often when you peel off all the hype, somewhere in the moment when the cellophane of the cd is taken off, and the cd enters into the player, that’s when the magic stops. It’s different with this kinda noise. It’s magical from the ironic crowd cheer in the openingStart The Party, over all the crazy guitars and screams far in VU’s red area to the lengthy boogie of FIDO. Somewhere in the middle of the record you get the real jewel, Motor City Baby – Patti Labelle and George Clinton wore the glam outfits, but in this song Mick Collins is the only black artist who came dangerously close to glam aesthetics. Of course – that can only be a good thing. This album is a hot item, perhaps the most exciting thing Collins did since the revolutionary days of The Gories. He knows rock’n’roll – he’s a guy who you should trust. http://www.thedirtbombs.net/.