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Flashlite #731

Elizabeth Moen

Today we check American singer-songwriters with the most interesting new releases. Margo Price and Sharon Van Etten collaborate on a new tune. Dawn Landes and Rizo are also collaborating. Annie Keating is back with the new tune and so it Amy Ray. Elizabeth Moen comes from Chicago, Angie Olsen from Ashville, Carter Sampson from Oklahoma, Dawn Riding from California, Abbie Gardner from New Jersey and Bailey Bigger from Memphis. They all have new releases.


Leyla McCalla – Vini We;
Margo Price and Sharon Van Etten – Radio;
Elizabeth Moen – Where’s My Bike;
Freya Josephine Hollick – Nobody’s No Better; Than No One;
Angie Olsen – All the Good Times
Carter Sampson – Gold;
The HawtThrons – On the Way;
Rizo & Dawn Landes – War on Women;
Annie Keating – I’ve Got You;
Dime Box Band – What Went Wrong;
Linda Hoover – 4 + 20;
Amy Ray – From This Room;
Dawn Riding – All the Time;
Fiver – Working Class Coinage;
Erika Lewis – If You Were Mine;
Bailey Bigger – Let’s Call It Love;
Abbie Gardner – See You Again;
Gina Sicilia – One Last Tender Moment.