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Flashlite #461 – Vinyl Junkyard 18

Hope and AnchorHere we go! After some time another episode of our wonderful series called Vinyl Junkyard. This is all about me finding a long forgotten but still excellent album sitting in some bargain bin dirt cheap, just waiting to be picked. Those with good memory maybe remember that in our Vinyl Junkyard #14 we had an episode dedicated to the English club called Hope and Anchor. We played the volume of their live sessions. This time, we go back in time a little further, to the volume one! This album promoted live recordings of early punk and late pub rock acts from 1977. So this episode features nearly complete Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival records, with XTC, X-Ray-Spex, The Only Ones, Philip Rambow and others. Like we said back in episode 14, sit back and enjoy! Again.

The Stranglers – Straighten Out
Tyla Gang – Styrofoam
The Pirates – Don’t Munchen It;
XTC – I’m Bugged
Suburban Studs – I Hate School
The Pleasures – Billy
XTC – Science Friction
Dire Straits – Eastbound Train
X Ray Spex – Let’s Submerge
999 – Crazy
The Saints – Demolition Girl
999 – Quite Disappointing
The Only Ones – Creatures of Doom
Roogalator – Zero Hero
Philip Rambow – Underground Romance
The Pleasers – Rock & Roll Radio
Tyla Gang – On The Street
The Strangles – Hanging Around

Flashlite #273 – Vinyl Junkyard 9

Max's Kansas CityThis is another one of our vinyl junkyard episodes, in which we play some old vinyl records which I found dirt cheap collecting dust in a dollar bin. This time we have two records which were sold back in the seventies as souvenirs at the decadent Max’s Kansas City rock club in New York City. Both records feature studio recordings of bands that were regulars at the club and includes Wayne County, Pere Ubu, The Fast, Suicide and Philip Rambow. The first volume from 1976 is definitely stronger, but the second one from 1977 is a fun listen because the best known name on it is Philips Rambow of The Winkies “fame”. So other bands are even less known. It’s always fun to take a break from current stuff with some old scratchy records and I hope you dig it as much as I do.

Alejandro Escovedo – Chelsea Hotel 78 (Live in CLE);
Wayne County – Max’s Kansas City;
The Fast – Boys Will Be Boys;
Pere Ubu – Final Solution;
Cherry Vanilla – Shake Your Ashes;
Wayne County – Cream in My Jeans;
Wayne County – Flip Your Wig;
The Fast – Wow Pow Bash Crash;
Suicide – Rocket USA;
Philip Rambow – Night Out;
The Winkies – Twilight Masquerade;
Just Water – What We Need Is Some Rock;
The Brats – First Rock Star On The Moon;
Andrew Pearson – Palace of the King.