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Flashlite #305

Ian McLaganDecember 2 and December 3 of 2014 were two devastating days for rock’n’roll. We lost two true greats, Bobby Keys and Ian McLagan. McLagan started in Small Faces, continued with Faces had some amazing solo records, toured with his Bump Band. Bobby Keys played saxophone and greatly contributed to the golden period of The Rolling Stones – their Sticky Fingers and Exile of Main Street. Ian and Bobby crossed paths several times, on Faces, Ian’s solo records and the most recently actually in Cleveland – for the Rolling Stones tribute organized by the rock hall. This show is dedicated to the two of them. Their sounds are part of the very fabric of rock’n’roll. Thanks comrades!

The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar;
Faces – Had Me a Real Good Time;
Faces – Bad n Ruin;
Faces – Three Button Hand Me Down;
The Rolling Stones – Happy;
The Rolling Stones – Live With Me;
Keith Richards – Whip It Up;
The Rolling Stones – Bitch;
Ian McLagan – Not Runnin Away;
Ian McLagan – Little Troublemaker;
The Rolling Stones – Miss You (Mel Collins);
Small Faces – Long Agos and Worlds Apart;
Small Faces – Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire;
Warren Zevon – Join Me In L.A.;
The Rolling Stones – Rip This Joint;
Bobby Keys ft Chuck D – Can’t You Hear Me Knocking;
Ian McLagan – Beast of Burden;
Ian McLagan – Never Say Never;
Paul Westerberg – Silver Naked Ladies;
Ian McLagan and The Bump Band – Love Letter.

Flashlite #279

Erotic Biljan and His HereticsNew stuff from the garage rock scene comes from Zagreb, Croatia and Australia. We have Erotic Biljan and His Heretics reunited with an amazing new single that promises to reestablish this band as the leader on the ex-Yugoslav scene. Volcanics come from Perth and Terrible Truths come from Adelaide. We also check out the new indie rockers Gold-Bears. The Auteurs was a new wave band over in London. Luke Haines who was with them is back with a solo record dedicated to the New York City. John Nemeth is another new name for us. He hails from Boise ID and belts out a sound characteristic to the black Memphis scene. Ghost come from Sweden. They are a quite an attraction over in their home land. They scored a good hit last year with a Roky Erickson cover. And finally, Ian McLagan, truly legendary keyboardist of Faces and Small Faces is back with his Bump Band over in Austin TX with the new single.

Faces – Rear Wheel Skid;
Gold-Bears – From Tallahassee To Gainesville;
Cheap Girls – Second Floor;
Lotion – Sandra;
Jim Carroll – It’s Too Late;
Luke Haines – Jim Carroll;
Dreamsalon – New Aesthetic;
Ian McLagan And The Bump Band – Love Letter;
John Nemeth – If It Ain’t Broke;
James Cotton and Willie Nix – Baker Shop Boogie (Blues Alphabet);
Erotic Biljan and His Heretics – Frenzy;
The Volcanics – Tell Me What You Want;
The Chamber Strings – Dead Man’s Poise (Live in CLE);
Roky Erickson & The Aliens – If You Have Ghosts;
Ghost – If You Have Ghosts;
Terrible Truths – Diamond.

Flashlite #101

John Wesley ColemanUK label Acid Jazz has started re-issuing rare ep records and demos of the garage rock legends from England. In today’s show we represent two of those eps, both dealing with the past of Small Faces – Ian McLagan’s Muleskinners and Steve Marriot’s early solo work. Another cool reissue is the legendary Gibson Bros. LP from 1986 Build A Raft together with a busload of extras. Loretta Lynn has a new tribute album that gathered a mottle crew of artists. Logically, the tribute’s title is Coal Miner’s Daughter. Our good friends from the early days of the show, San Francisco duet ing, is back after a few years of silence with a luxurious CD/DVD release of Dial which is a musical that in parts deals with a loss of Mark Smotroff’s life partner Jack. John Wesley Coleman, a singer-songwriter from Austin is busy lately with putting out albums quite frequently. This time we listen to a track from his latest album Bad Lady Goes To Jail. And we also have one brand new band today, they are very loud and their name is Bottle Up And Go. So let’s go!

Iron City Houserockers – Rock-ola;
John Wesley Coleman – Bad Lady Goes To Jail;
John Wesley Coleman – Liquor Store;
Steve Wynn And The Miracle 3 – We Don’t Talk About It;
Steve Marriot – Money Money;
The Muleskinners – Need Your Lovin;
Eamon McGrath – Land of Dogs;
The Bevis Frond – The Daily Round;
The White Stripes – Rated X;
Black Dub – Surely;
Trixie Whitley and Daniel Lanois – Surely;
Bottle Up And Go – These Bones;
Gibson Bros. – 16 Tons;
Vanilla Fudge – Take Me For A Little While;
ing – Springfiled Avenue;
ing (with special friends) – Drop;
Mike Watt – Hollowed Out-Man.