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Flashlite #117

Bob and SuzeToday’s show is dedicated to Suze Rotolo, Bob Dylan’s muse from the early days. He wrote some his most beautiful love songs about her. One of his most bitter songs Ballad in Plain D is about his breakup with her. She passed away on February 25th this year. We also have the new music from the New York garage rockers The Fuzztones and London singer songwriter John Bisset. Grant Hart has a new rarities compilation and Strage Boys have a fun single dedicated to the American radio dial.

Bob Dylan – Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right;
Beau Brummels – One Too Many Mornings;
The Fuzztones – We’re Pretty Quick;
The Fuzztones – Between The Lines;
The Music Machine – Double Yellow Line;
The Strange Boys – American Radio;
Buffalo Tom – Guilty Girls;
Buffalo Tom – Directive;
Marrianne Dissard – Merci De Rien Du Tout & Flashback;
John Bisset – Over And Over;
Laura Cantrell – Pile of Woe;
George Usher – Not The Tremblin’ Kind;
Gran Hart – Masters Of War;
Bob Dylan – Ballad in Plain D;
The Association – One Too Many Mornings.