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Flashlite #110

January 27th, 2011

Willie NileFirst of all, let me say hi to all the listeners from Kragujevac. There is a brand new radio station over there called Radio Centar 987 and starting from today, they will broadcast The Little Lighthouse every Thursday from 10pm (Central European Time). Kragujevac, welcome to the show! Today we have three new albums. We don’t have English bands on the show as often as some other shows and podcasts, but today we have two of them. British Sea Power is a name that brings Brit pop associations, but their sound somewhat stiffer over all, especially on the opening song of their new album called Valhalla Dancehall. London band Singing Loins however is as far from the Brit pop as you can be (which is a compliment of course!) and they have a new album too called Stuff. Third new album for this week is The Innocent Ones by the legendary New York outsider Willie Nile. We also represent one new band today. Their name is The Plastic Pals and they come from Sweden. Apparently, they belong to a movement called paisley vikings, and the syntagm sounds great and brings great associations, but I wish I knew more of the bands from the movement.

Devin Hill – Run Like Hell;
Happy Birthday – I Want to Stay (I Run Away);
British Sea Power – Who’s In Control;
Rolling Stones – (Walkin’ Thu A) Sleepy City;
The Parting Gifts – Sleepy City;
Green On Red – Rainy Days And Mondays;
The Slummers – Last One Out;
The Plastic Pals – She’s Going Back;
The Singing Loins – Where’s My Machine Gun;
The Singing Loins – The Topless Twins Of Allhallows-On-Sea;
Willie Nile – Topless Amateur;
Willie Nile – Old Men Sleeping On The Bowery;
Tim Lee 3 – Salty Tears;
The Sports – When You Walk In The Room;
Beachwood Sparks – Sister Rose;
Siluete – Uhvati vetar;
Sid Selvidge – Try And Catch The Wind;
Peter Isaacson – Catch The Wind;
Bill Fox – The Story Of You.

2 Responses to “Flashlite #110”

  1. jadeboy49

    Let’s see…I’m waiting for the SoundWave Pad(??) to download…then I am ordered to PAY for it in order to listen to the downloaded streams! That’s NOT going to happen! Someone please respond because there is no contact info on the LL website. Thanks, but I’m not buying anything just to listen to the music!

  2. admin

    jadeboy49, I don’t know what is SoundWave pad, but the podcast is free for downloading. All you need to do is open up the website in your web browser, rightclick on the download link, save it to your hard drive and hopefully enjoy the show. I think that your software is making you pay for things, not the show.

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