19. Electric Six – Flashy

Electric SixIt seems like it was forever since Electric Six had their five minutes of fame on British charts. Semi-famous status suits them better. Evidence are consistently wonderful gigs and albums that still sound great (if not greater than ever). Don’t be fooled by deliberately uninventive title of the opening track Gay Bar Part Two. Electric Six are not running out of ideas at all!


Flashlite #34

Jody ReynoldsWhen Jody Reynolds appeared in the 50s with Endless Sleep he hit the charts on high positions. But it was a different time, when an underground rocker could really shake things up. And that’s what Jody was, he was the prototype for underground rockers. The sad news comes to us that Jody Reynolds died last month in California at 75. Complications with liver cancer, they say. We remember him in this show in the first half. The second half is reserved for Jody’s sons and daughters – the new underground rockers with great new records. We have Magnetix from France with the new record called Positively Negative and we have The Love Me Nots who recorded their new record in Detroit with Jim Diamond. We also have powerpoppers Mystery Girls and the Villanueva brothers who come from San Antonio with their band Hacienda.
Oh yeah… The Little Lighthouse will be taking a short break over the holidays. We will resume with the regular programming in January 17th. Happy New Year!

Endless Boogie – The Manly Vibe;
The Gun Club – For The Love Of Ivy;
Jody Reynolds – Fire of Love;
The Gun Club – The fire of Love;
Kim Simpson – Fire of Love;
Jody Reynolds – (The Girl With The) Raven Hair;
Jody Reynolds – Endless Sleep;
Tav Falco – Endless Sleep;
Marshall Crenshaw – Endless Sleep;
Robert Gordon – Endless Sleep;
Jody Reynolds – Tarantula;
Brimstone Howl – A Million Years;
Magnetix – Positively Negative;
The Love Me Nots – Secret Pocket;
George Reeves – Motor Scootors;
Le Fleur Fatale – Sister Fatale;
Julie Ocean – Complications;
Mystery Girls – We Are The Death Cult;
Hacienda – She’s Got a Hold On Me;
Jody Reynolds – Making out.

Flashlite #33

Julie OceanDo you remember Velocity Girl, a 90s grungy power pop that had its day on Sub Pop? Well, it turns out the drummer of that band Jim Spellman has a No 1 Song now. At least, that’s the title and the feel of that song, as we know charts don’t matter these days. And Spellman’s new band is called Julie Ocean, named after an Undertones tune (he switch over to the front with his guitar and microphone). This show also brings two new names to the Lighthouse – Bellafea and the Wood Brothers. Bellafea comes from Chapel Hill, NC and delivers an angular guitar tone with great female vocals. The Wood Brothers is that dude from Medeski Martin and Wood on bass and his brother on guitar. Now, if you listen to this show regularly, you probably know I can’t stand the MMW trio, but the Wood Brothers pleasantly surprised me. In other news, looks like The Faces had a session where they decided to reunite for a world tour and a new record. Ian McLagan reports on his page that this is very likely to happen. He also had a nice album earlier this year that went a bit under the radar and I saw his excellent performance in Chicago this summer, so we check out that new album called Never Say Never.

Mick Farren – I Want a Drink;
Kamo Sutra – FreeZderi;
Trotsky Icepick – Say Goodnight;
Velvet Elvis – Back It Up;
The Undertones – Julie Ocean;
Julie Ocean – No 1 Song;
Velocity Girl – Sorry Again;
Faces – Flying;
Ian McLagan – My Irish Rose;
Wood Brothers – Glad;
Wood Brothers – Make Me Down A Pallet On Your Floor;
Uzi – Collection;
All The Saints – Regal Regalia;
Bellafea – Bones to Pick;
Husker Du – Somewhere;
Robert Gordon – Someday Someway;
Jason And The Scorchers – Harvest Moon.

Flashlite #32

George ReevesThis show brings two lo-fi premieres. We have George Reeves from Oregon and Satan’s Youth Ministries from Alabama. Can you name your band in Alabama like that and get away? Apparently so. A hi-fi premiere is Swedish band La Fleur Fatale, a band that will be touring USA next year on the same bill as the rejuvenated Electric Prunes. Also, we’re checking out the newest album for the Electric Six called Flashy. Flashy and flamboyant as usual!

Neil Young – Revolution Blues;
Gentleman Jesse and His Men – I Get So Excited;
Paul Westerberg – C’mon Be My Darling;
Replacements – Talent Show;
Paul Westerberg – Down On The Farm;
Electric six – Lovers Beware;
Dax Riggs – Forgot I Was Alive;
Warren Zevon – I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead;
The Outta Place – We’re Outta Place;
Satan’s Youth Ministers – Xanax Love;
George Reeves – Latest Enemy;
Judge Bone – Ramona;
Death Of Samantha – Redd Kross;
Cobra Verde – Run Away;
Fit – Zaboravit cu sve;
Empty State – Drug;
La Fleur Fatale – Night Generation;
Black Claw – Another Useless Day;
Brinsley Scwartz – Unknown Number;
Died Pretty – Ambergris.

Flashlite #31

Mitch MitchellAfter Mickey Waller dying earlier this year, we’re seeing another great british drummer leaving this ugly planet. I’m sure you heard it already, Mitch Mitchell, legendary drummer of Jimi Hendrix Experience died on November 12 in his hotel room in Portland OR. We dedicate this show to him and a large portion of this show we go through some of the stuff that he recorded. The rest of the show is filled with some new stuff. Some of the new ladies on the rock’n’roll scene close the show this time. We have Jessica Lea Mayfield from Ohio and two duets, furious blues duet The Pack A.D. from Canada and an acoustic duet from Stroudsburg PA, Friday Night Parking Lots. Good old Yugo-rock band from Rijeka, Fit is back with a live record, so we check that out as well. Mark Lanegan has a new EP too. Warren Zevon’s second, selftitled album from 1976 received recently a deluxe treatment with a great new remastered sound and an extra disc of rarities and alternate takes. We compare the newly revealed alternate take of Poor Poor Pitiful Me with an early demo that came out on last year’s Preludes.

Linda Ronstadt – Poor Poor Pitiful Me;
Warren Zevon – Poor Poor Pitiful Me;
Dirty Mac – Yer Blues;
Jimi Hendrix Experience – Driving South;
Jimi Hendrix Experience – Hey Joe;
Jimi Hendrix Experience – Foxey Lady;
Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along the Watchtower;
Jimi Hendrix Experience – May This Be Love;
Fit – Macka;
Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers – A Page In History;
Mark Lanegan – Keep Me In Mind Sweetheart;
The Pack A.D. – Don’t Have To Like You;
Jessica Lea Mayfield – The One That I Love Best;
Friday Night Parking Lots – Gesture;
Cobra Verde – Haunted Heavens.

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